If there was a word that could describe what makes director Thomas Clay’s Fanny Lye Deliver’d work on so many levels, unpredictable would come to mind. It is a fair description of a drama available to see on Curzon Home Cinema guided by its small but convincing ensemble of actors representing several generations of actors, […]


Woody Allen has been the subject of debate since the Me Too movement awakened allegations of sexual molestation of his daughter, with stars declaring regret working for him and Amazon Studios reneging on a four-film deal with him leading to a court case. One of those films that was part of the deal, A Rainy […]


Icelandic director Grimur Hakonarson’s previous film Rams was such a strong and emotionally-charged work that it made my list of the top 50 films of the 2010s. One could understand then the pressure to make good of his follow-up, in this case The County, a seemingly against-all-odds account of the little people taking on the […]


For many, Chris Hemsworth is best-known for portraying a certain iconic hammer-wielding Norse god in franchise fare where he has no trouble finding enormous audiences at box office but outside of Marvel, it’s a mixed picture. There have been successes like Snow White and the Huntsman and Rush, bombs like Blackhat and In the Heart […]


The theme of loyalty is the driving force of Calm with Horses, a directorial debut within the crime thriller genre set in rural Ireland that sees the pairing of Cosmo Jarvis and Barry Keoghan. Here Jarvis portrays an ex-boxer nicknamed Arm who works as a violent enforcer for a tough drug-dealing family operating in the […]


Juliette Binoche is one of the most reliable actresses working in the world today, her reputation cemented with cross-generational roles in films such as Three Colours: Blue, Hidden and Let the Sunshine In amongst others. This status continues with a lead performance in Who You Think I Am, a somewhat timely psychological drama revolving around […]


On Friday March 13 this year, Misbehaviour was released nationwide. On Tuesday 17, cinemas across the nation were forced to close their doors because of the Coronavirus outbreak forcing the premature withdrawing of the film. But thanks to the wonders of modern technology, this film is now available to rent on digital platforms, though whether […]

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