For many, Chris Hemsworth is best-known for portraying a certain iconic hammer-wielding Norse god in franchise fare where he has no trouble finding enormous audiences at box office but outside of Marvel, it’s a mixed picture. There have been successes like Snow White and the Huntsman and Rush, bombs like Blackhat and In the Heart […]


Only a short time after the release of the wonderful Parasite, the idea of home infiltration returns courtesy of Netflix with this Spanish thriller The Occupant (Hogar), a study of struggle, deceit, blackmail and ruthlessness.  For a year, Javier Munoz (Javier Gutierrez) has been struggling to find work since he left his advertising executive position […]


There are quite a few words that can be used to describe the German debut feature of Nora Fingschiedt, System Crasher. Harrowing. Brave. Intense. Uncomfortable. Moving. Those of just some of what comes to mind upon viewing this consistently engaging drama that pulls no punches with its memorable lead character’s actions. Nine-year old Benni  (Helena Zengel) […]

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